Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

The Mess in the Kitchen Tonight

Baked Snack Mix with Honey and Powedered Mustard

Still Daylight when the Stock was Simmering!

Missing Shingles

Knowing today was Valentine's Day Eve didn't sweeten the fact that I am having a big Mardi Gras party tomorrow night AND the people who catered it for me last year moved BACK to New Orleans. No problem! I will just cook myself. WOW, what a mistake!!
My gumbo recipe is four pages long.....typewritten. This is not good. No, I can't use store-bought chicken stock so the first 5 hours into this was simply for the stock using 10 pounds of chicken backs and yukky pieces along with what seemed like 50 other ingredients.
It is almost 2:00 a.m. now and I have just this minute finished in the kitchen. BUT the gumbo is made and I actually tasted it. It is fabulous. Now if the party will be just as fabulous I will be happy.
So many preparations. I WAS able to hire a musician and a girl for the kitchen. The guys from work brought outdoor heaters over today, we'll put them on the deck. Lots of tree limbs around here to burn for a bonfire, too.
My friend Gail is making shrimp creole and her husband Mike makes red beans and rice, Sharon is bringing pralines, Jimmy is making a King Cake, lots of friends bringing lots of food and drink. Wish you could all come and share with us!

Belle Brown at 4 months old

Of course I'm including an updated picture of Belle and one of missing shingles that I documented before I call the insurance adjuster.
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!


Bunny Cates, said...

Why is Belle on a leash if your back yard is fenced in?


I want that mustard snack mix recipe!!!!

must have it
muuuussssttttt hhhhaaaavvvveeee ittttttt

Crystal Dawn said...

You must be exhausted, Polly. That gumbo simmering in the pot looks fabulous. I love soups and such, but I have yet to taste gumbo. I think I've always shied away from it because it's served cold, right?

I just can't imagine eating cold, cooked foot.

Enjoy your party! Love the dog. I have a Pit-Bull and a Yorkie. The Yorkie rules the roost and the Pit-Bull is a gentle giant.