Friday, February 6, 2009

I Want It To Be Friday!

Wait, it IS Friday! But what a Friday it was. And to know that I have the pleasure of working all weekend.
Today started out pretty good, as I got to sleep until 6:30 this morning. Mother had an appointment with Dr. Riggs to talk about some issues she has and how to proceed. The appointment was for 9:45 and I started calling her at 8 to remind her to get ready. No answer. Showered and dried my hair. Called again, no answer. I was starting to get really antsy when she finally answered at about 9. She had been to the beauty shop and was checking out the items for the Heart Bake Sale they were having at Chapel House and was quick to inform me she was ALREADY ready to go and waiting on ME.
Okay, so I go pick her up and we get to the Dr.'s office 10 minutes ahead of our appointment. After waiting for 15 or 20 minutes, his nurse comes out to tell us he has been delayed at the hospital and it should be another 20 minutes or so. Okay, I've taken time off work, picked her up and waited this long, I will wait till he comes.
Suffice it to say, it was almost 11:30 before he showed up. I thought my 79 year old mother was going to punch him, or at least say something to embarrass me until I felt like crawling under the table. So she, in effect, "defused" my impatience. How could I misbehave when my biggest fear was that SHE would do the same thing. Boy, this switching roles with your Mother as they age is NOT fun. I don't always like being the grown-up here. After the visit, I took her straight home and raced to work, fearing the worst which would have been to be desperately needed and just NOT there.
It seems everything was under chaotic control, as usual, but I was behind the 8-ball with papers piled high on my desk. Ken had a funeral scheduled this afternoon and thankfully, he didn't need me to help, just to stay in the building for phone calls and walk-in people or even a death call.
It did give me a little time to get caught up on the paperwork.
An update on my Uncle Odis who I posted about last month. He died last night and is now at peace. I am praying for my Aunt Eva and for their children, Mark, Mitchell and Dawn and for their grandchildren. He was a Christian and so I am comforted in that as I am sure they are, too.
My son David called from LaRue County tonight. He has been working so hard to clear debris and things are in much better shape now with many folks still out of power, but all being cared for in their community. AND Hayden, my youngest grandchild at 3 years old, has chickenpox! He is running a low-grade fever and feels bad, but is doing as well as can be expected. His precious sister Sydney, is at her other grandmother's trying to avoid the virus, but I'm sure she's already been exposed. Ah, such is life.
I wish it was Friday! MY kind of Friday.


Bunny Cates, said...

welp, call me when your ready for some sustenance and a margarita!

Man about Odis.

Kristi J said...

what a friday !!!! kj