Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "Wrestler"

Watching Others and Waiting

My 6 year old grandson Tristin decided he wanted to wrestle last year and what fun he had! He won several medals and is back at it again this year! Last year I was really worried about him getting hurt, but this year I know he is paying attention and learning to be safe while he WINS!

Tristin in Action

I haven't gotten to see him yet this year except in photos, but I get a regular play-by-play from his Mom. He has been sick this week with a strep throat and missed last night, but hopefully will be all well before Friday night.

Going for the Pin

He's a real competitor and has had to at least TRY every sport available to him. He traded in soccer this year for flag football and I think he likes football much better. They are going on simultaneously so he can't do both. I'll keep you posted periodically on this year's progress, but things are looking good for him.

Do you think it's time I quit referring to him as the "baby"? This is hard, very hard.

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