Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meet Belle Brown....the Newest Member of our Family !

Yesterday started as any ordinary Monday, hectic as all get-out! Payroll to do, reports for the staff meeting, a family to meet with (unexpectedly, of course) and the list goes on.
One of my part-time employees, Harold, was bemoaning the fact that his son had decided, with the economy the way it is, that he was going to thin his menagerie of pets that include several horses, dogs and I truly don't know what all. He explained that they had paid $300. for this adorable pomeranian/schitzu mix (two of them) but if Harold didn't find someone to take it, he was taking her to the POUND! And you know what happens after 7 days at the pound.
I work so much and am home so little that I have always known I would not be a good "Mom" to a pet but I immediately thought of my Mom!

Harold was excited and called his granddaughter who scheduled an "interview" so she could see for herself who would be taking care of Belle and where she would live. She is about 10 years old and was NOT excited to send Belle to another home, especially to someone she didn't know.
I think is was love at first sight! My Mom has been grieving for my Dad since his death in May (and maybe even before that, when he was confined to the nursing home). I have read many articles about how owning a pet can be the turning point for lots of older people, but I just wasn't sure how she would react.

Turns out Baby Belle is a serious "lap dog" and my Mom is eating it up. She calls her "my Baby" and carries her around the house like one. I took her a baby blanket today and here they are, all snuggled up together. She even slept with her last night.
Belle is a dream come true, a prayer answered and I think they just MAY have saved each other.


Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

and Granny just told me not 2 weeks ago that she would NEVER have a dog in the house, and how nasty they are, and she was soooo glad I dont let Sweetz up on the furniture! hahahahah!!!!

Kristi J said...

Well, that is just the sweetest thing ever!!! I'm so glad she got that cute puppy...so adorable!! Still waiting here...no news again today...praying it is tomorrow or friday...surely they won't make me go until next week...They have to have hearts :) kristi