Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Sunday Cleaning

The sun is shining beautifully and it is almost 60 outside after the worst ice storm in my memory (and many others, too).
So many men and women are working feverishly to get power restored to all of Kentucky and have been doing so since the beginning. I continue to pray for their safety and praise their hard work and efforts.
I am at home today with much to do. Garbage to take out, dirty dishes scattered about, laundry calling my name if I listen hard enough, muddy boots to clean up, it seems the list is endless of chores that I should be doing. Yet here I am procrastinating again. Hey, I DID tackle the ironing board last night and finished! I found clothes I hadn't seen in so long I almost forgot I had them. That part was great!

Those of you who KNOW me, know that cleaning is NOT my strong suit. The first luxury I afforded myself when I could possibly do it, was to hire my beloved Teresa, who cleans up after me on a semi-regular basis.

Although I think I am very feminine, I very much hate most all housework. I DO want my house to be all clean and tidy, I just don't want to be the one to do it.

Now cooking is another matter. It seems after my children were grown, I silently protested the kitchen and didn't cook hardly at all for many years. In the past few years, the "entertaining" bug bit me and I have revived the love of the kitchen. Maybe having a remodeled kitchen a couple of years ago had something to do with it, too.

My niece that I was so worried about emailed me this morning and their power has been restored. They are all warm and safe. Madisonville, KY is slowly coming back to life.

Tomorrow I will return to work to face who-knows-what. That's the best part of my job, never knowing what will be next. It is certainly never boring. I do hope they weren't too busy this weekend. We have a professional staff meeting on Tuesday and I will have reports to generate. I know of only one employee of ours without power and he DOES have heat so I don't worry about them.

I am missing my children today and wondering what they are doing. They are with other family members and so I know they are warm and safe with food and shelter. I just miss them incredibly. I would have driven there to see them, but they are not at their home and there is no gas to buy there.

I actually own a little rental house there, although it is empty now. I need to call my son and have him check on it as there are several trees in the front yard close to the house (roof). He is wonderful and will clear brush for me from the yard when he gets time.

I haven't written much about him. David owns a small concrete finishing business in Buffalo, KY and is also a volunteer fireman for the Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department. He is certified in too many things for me to mention, but he works a LOT voluntarily and I know he has spent the past several days working hard to help get older folks to shelters, clearing roads and checking on several elderly families in his community on a regular basis. He does so much and asks for nothing in return. He is absolutely my hero!

He was so fortunate and proud when Laura Bush visited Hodgenville (Lincoln's birthplace) that he was selected to help with her security. Of course, she had Secret Service everywhere, but there was a lot for the local folks to do. That is a proud memory for him to cherish always and one for me to share.

I am way "off track" here but am going to do HOUSEWORK....... right now! :)



Bunny Cates said...

come clean mine when your done!

HEY I did clean the office the other day. THAT is how you know I was bored!

Who knew I had blue carpet in here?!!!!

Geri said...

I hate cleaning. I like a clean house though, so I'm forced to do it!

Marie Reed said...

Your son sons just delightful! It's wonderful that he reaches out so much in his community!

I LOVE those galoshes! Holy moly!