Monday, February 16, 2009

Just a Big Pain in the Mouth

Today was pretty slow at work, thank goodness. I had to get my son's birthday package in the mail to him, which didn't look promising since today was a POSTAL holiday ??? So, I took the hilarious gag gift along with a check to the UPS store. THEY don't take President's Day off and promised me it would be there tomorrow. How about that for service? He'll never even know I was almost too late.
I thought I had a dental appointment for 4:30 this afternoon until I looked at my calendar. Oops, it was for 2:30 so I had to scurry around and leave Frank alone all afternoon. I apologized profusely and he was pretty gracious about it, actually.
I showed up right on time for my 6 month check-up and told my hygienist something had been bothering me but I couldn't even tell if it was my gums or a tooth, just general "bothering me". She said it was time for x-rays anyway so after a thorough cleaning, Dr. Randy came in to SHOW me what had been bothering me.
Turns out I have a seriously abscessed tooth. It is so bad as there is no BONE there to do anything with. My only option is to have it extracted. I went so far as to ask him if he was really a dentist, because dentists don't extract teeth anymore, do they? He just laughed while he wrote a prescription for an antibiotic and for a yeast infection killer. Yep, I'm one of those. If I take an antibiotic, he might as well go on and write that one, too, cause I'm gonna need it.
Okay, I know that's a little more information than some of you need, so we'll move on. He asked if I wanted a prescription for a pain killer. Then it was MY turn to laugh, responding that it wasn't HURTING, it was just bothering me. "Are you sure?" he asked. NOOOO, I don't want a prescription for a pain killer.
I left the dentist office and headed to a Republican Women's Club meeting and while there, I felt the place in my mouth that had only been "bothering" me begin to HURT.
I am at home now with a throbbing mouth! Where's that PAINKILLER when you need it?
Hurting at home,


Bunny Cates, said...

Im convinced they break things while they are in there, thus making you have to come back for more work, THUS keeping them in business!

Dentist and mechanics! Snake oil salesmen I tell ya!!!

Donna Marino said...

Your son is blessed to have such a loving mother. As for the dentist, I NEVER had cavities until I began going to this one dentist. Thereafter, I had a new one each time.

The last time I saw this particular dentist he told me I had another. Well, upon going to a new dentist, there was no sign of a cavity. I'm still waiting for the new guy to find what the old guy said was there.

I felt so violated. All for one man's love of money.