Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baseball from Buffalo (KY, that is!)

There he is! I finally got to see my #1 grandson play ball tonight for the first time this year. June has been such a busy month for me that I had not made time to make the more than 2 hour drive to see him in action. Tonight was the night and I was certainly NOT disappointed! He loves most all sports but baseball has always been one in which he didn't exactly excel. Okay, he really didn't like it until this year and just didn't do well. Okay, the little guy can't be great at everything. It seems that "overnight" something had lit a spark in him and he loves it. And now that he likes it so much, he is doing great.
It is so cute to watch these little fellas (and girls) try to hit the ball and scamper everywhere when someone DOES to try to catch up to it. Then it's suddenly "uh-oh", NOW what?

Well, he did great and the game was over before the rain came down so all is well.
Seems I've been neglecting the blog again but will try to catch up with newsy things before the weekend is over!
As an aside, one of my daughter's best friends all through high school had a brother who died last night tragically. We heard this terrible news earlier this evening while at the ball field. It certainly put a damper on everything after that and our hearts are heavy for this family. I have much to be thankful for! If you are a Christian, just please remember this family in your prayers....


Marie Reed said...

Ahhh! How darling! I love how the helmet looks huge on him! Adorable! Did you get to chow down on a hotdog at said game too?

Marie Reed said...

How tragic.. this gave me goosebumps.. how did he die? My heart and prayers go out to the family Polly... (hugs)