Monday, June 15, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

Tonight I am trying a "new" way to blog....well, okay new to me! I am sending this via email. They say it works, we will see.

This past Saturday night was MY first Relay for LIfe. My followers know that my Dad died in May 2008 from complications of lung cancer. I dedicated Saturday night to the memory of my Dad.
What fun it was! Now that I have been and have participated, I am sure I am a devotee for life!
Great food, fabulous fun and friends too numerous to count were everywhere! In the midst of such a tragic disease and loss, there was a "feel" of celebration in the air.

At 10:00 the lights of the football stadium were turned off and a bagpiper could be heard playing the strains of Amazing Grace. That was followed closely by the reading of the names of those lost to cancer, those fighting the fight and those honored as caregivers. It was a solemn hour or so and reminded all of us why we were there.
I am proud to have been a part of such an undertaking.

Maybe the monies raised in our county won't change the world, but at least I feel like I have contributed in some small way to making a difference.

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Marie Reed said...

That isn't a small contribution Polly .. it's a ginormous one! What a fabulous gal you are. I'm sure that you Dad is looking down at you with a proud smile!