Sunday, June 14, 2009

June is Jumping!

June 3 was Sydney's 6th birthday! It's hard to believe she is 6 and that NOW I have TWO 6 year old grandchildren. I drove to the little town she lives in that is 2 1/2 hours from here after work for her little party through a continuous nightmare of a storm. She loved her cake and all her gifts. Most of her family was there and we all had a great time with her as she blew out her candles and opened her gifts. She is a very kind and sweet little girl. I am blessed yet again.
She and her cousin Tristin enjoyed cake together, as they enjoy EVERYTHING together when they are with each other. They are "best cousins" as they like to say and are inseparable. After the party Kristin (my oldest) had planned to come home with me and stay for a week. Sydney wanted to come, too! Her Mom wasn't comfortable with her being gone that long, so it was decided she would come home with us and they would pick her up Saturday. Grandmother's delight!
I got Sydney a Nintendo DS that she had wanted for her birthday and Kristin gave her lessons. Trust me, before she left here, she had all her games down pat! Kristin and Tristin each gave her a couple of games for her birthday.

On the first night here and after spending the day with MY mom while I worked, the girls wanted to go to Clarksville and see "UP" so off we went. This is a cute shot of them finding the right theater.
Big crowds to see "UP" as all these empty chairs can attest to. Look how dirty those seat backs are ?!?! I will remember not to lean back when I go next :) To tell the truth though, other people DID show up for the movie, but only 6 or 7.

Saturday came TOO quick along with lots of company. Sydney's Mom came to get her along with her other grandmother and Hayden and Elizabeth, my Mom came over as well as my niece and her family of four. I corralled her husband "the Man-Thang" as he is known, to do my grilling for me.
I made a beautiful salad in my trifle dish and yes, it tasted as good as it looked.
Phyllis and Barbie (my dil and her Mom) were looking through pictures made at my Mom's birthday event last month. I, of course, blogged about that shortly after it occurred.

After everyone left it was finally just Kristin and me and was PAST time to get out the trusty pool vac.

She loves the hot tub as well and Sophie cat loves HER! It was fun watching them play. Sophie truly wanted to get in there with her, but evidently not bad enough to DO it.

Her Papaw (my ex-husband and friend) came and stayed a couple of days before taking her home. This picture was of the last night here. She swam until very late that night and even coerced her Papaw into getting in with her.

What's a Mimi to do when Kristin says she LOVES roasted marshmallows? Build a fire, of course. On probably the hottest night we have had this year, I was in the back yard sweating gallons while she was in the shower, but when she got out........she roasted herself a few marshmallows.
I had to slip in this picture of her Papaw Tony watching her play in the pool. I think he had a good little visit here and even took my Mom out running errands (for TWO days).

Back to work the next morning with an invitation to my friends Mike and Gail's house for dinner. Gail tried her hand at making Beef Wellington for the first time and I was more than thrilled to be her first guinea pig!
It was as good as any I have ever ordered in a restaurant! She can cook for me anyday!
As a postscript, my blogging friend Kristi is in Ethiopia as I write this where she has gone to bring home the newest addition to her family, Lucy Lane. Please remember them in your prayers as she travels so far away and bring them home safely. Her blog is listed on the right hand side of blogs I follow........

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Bunny Cates, said...

phew, I need a smoke after reading all your running! lol...

mmmm that Beef Wellington looks AMAZINGLY scrumptious! Hear my tummy all the way at your house?!

Im so happy about Kristy and Lucy too! Been following along crossing fingers for them! So exciting!