Thursday, June 18, 2009

Berlin Blog

When last I left you relating tales of my spring trip to Germany, we were in Neuschwanstein. We were about to undertake the longest leg of our trip in one day, from Neuschwanstein to Berlin. Ah, Berlin. But I shouldn't get ahead of myself here. Travelling that day we endured the only rain I saw on the entire trip and boy, did it ever rain. We were still able to see some gorgeous sites. In the picture above, Wayne and Bridget say these are mustard fields. And they were EVERYWHERE....
My biggest thrill of that particular day was the McDONALD'S sign we spotted. Ya-hoo! Something other than schnitzel and boiled eggs to eat! I was so excited that I tore out of that car but not forgetting my camera!

This is just barely inside the door. I might not have been able to READ what it said, but I sure could point!
Okay, the hamburger was greaseless, but it was still a hamburger. Wayne wasn't too excited about stopping there, he truly wanted only German food the entire trip. I would have done anything, and I mean anything, for about a half pound of greasy fried bacon.

Okay, so this is what I stepped up to read, lol. Look how expensive everything was! And that was in Euros! I think the exchange rate was about $1.32 then.
Aha, ketchup for the fries. He finally got into the swing of things and we all had a GREAT meal!

Back to the car and the serious rain. Damion's brand new rental car had wiper troubles but other than that the trip was uneventful. The windmills we saw dotting the landscape everywhere were certainly not what I expected. They are sleek, metal and huge. Very expensive to construct but very energy-efficient, I understand.

Finally in Berlin! This sushi place was situated right next to our hotel. No, I don't eat sushi but have lots of friends who do and I thought might get a charge out of this place.

The view from my hotel room window was exciting. I could hardly go to bed for looking out the window with great anticipation of the next day! Berlin truly IS an exciting city, vibrant and alive with so much rich history and new technology.
My next and last few posts will originate from there. I promise I will stop blogging about this trip someday soon, but it was truly an experience I will never forget and one I wish you ALL could have.

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