Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lucky Duck at the Louisville Zoo

My daughter was so excited that she had signed up to chaperone FOUR kindergarten boys on a field trip for my grandson's school to the Louisville Zoo just 2 days after my Mom's BIG birthday event on Sunday. Monday I got a frantic phone call from her telling me she could NOT get off work! I just LOVE "saving the day" no matter how beat up I feel!! So of course, I took the day off MY work and drove the 3 hours to Louisville so 4 little boys could be chased all over the zoo under some supervision.....little did she know how secretly honored and thrilled I was to step in!
Not only was I getting to be with Tristin all day, but my granddaughter Sydney goes to the same school and in kindergarten, too, even though not in the same class. Lucky, lucky me :) I got to see her a LOT, too. She is the blond cutie in the picture above, the only one whose face you can see.

This is a group picture of ALL the kindergarteners that day. Whew! A lot of kids, but to tell the truth, there were a LOT of parents and grands there, too. And hey, we didn't lose a one of them.

My Tristin took a notion for about three weeks to wear his hair sticking straight up because he thought it just looked so "cool". That lasted until baseball season got in full swing and the batting helmet "messed up his do". He is so funny, that boy just cracks me up. Here he is being intimidated by a peacock. Isn't it beautiful? And it let him get so close! Okay, the peacock had him cornered and he knew it! (I wasn't far away, though.)

Here all the coolest guys at his school are looking over the map and choosing the route to take but bear in mind here, none of them can really read yet! Studying the map was a guy thing, I guess.

Here's our Sydney girl again sitting down to a picnic with her little group! I got lots of hugs and kisses that day!

At the petting zoo showing NO fear and trying to convince the others that it would be okay to pet them.

Eight of the most well-behaved little boys I have had the honor of spending time with!

How did Tristin measure up to a gorilla? Yikes! He's got some growing to do yet.

Here they all jammed together in a shipping crate for wild animals! Suitable on that day!

My little man is NOT shy about posing for the camera ! Besides, I think he wanted the opportunity to lie down for 10 seconds.

Two buddies hamming it up while waiting for the rest of the group to catch up.

There's our Syd again being sweet as ever. I was so glad to get to see her so much!

My boys were hot and tired after a whirlwind trip at the zoo. Getting a little rest and sun while waiting to load up the busses and head back to school to be picked up by their parents!

I had a great day with my #1 little man! And I'm even just a little bit sorry that his Mom didn't get to go (she really DID want to go).
As an aside, this little field trip happened just a week or so after my surgery. Tristin's teacher asked him "how will I KNOW your Mimi?".......typical 6 year-old response...... Oh, you'll know MY Mimi, she's the one with the stitches in her face!!! The teacher was still laughing when she shared that with me!

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Lesa said...

Kids say the funnest things - when you least expect it! It was great that you got to spend the day with both of your little sweethearts!
You are one awesome Grandma! I bet you were also one tired Grandma too! Field trips always wear me out!