Monday, June 22, 2009

Bits of Berlin

This was a gloriously beautiful fountain just outside the Brandenburg Gate in a rather large square and as you would expect, lots of tourists milling around. The one oddity I found most curious was this nice-looking man BATHING in the fountain waters. And yes, he even brushed his teeth. As I strolled around the fountain, I found on the BACK side a group with an infant.....whose baby bottle was filled with water from the fountain.
This is a shot in one taken as we waited for a train, well, somewhere in Berlin.

And this, I must share with you, was a PIG KNUCKLE that my brother Wayne ordered. And ATE.

As we were dining in an outside cafe that night, next to our table was this cute puppy. Very friendly and thirsty :)
Oh, how I loved the city of Berlin........


Lesa said...

Oh my goodness! Bathing and drinking out of the same fountain! And he brushed his teeth! YUCK!
I think I would have passed on the pig knuckle! Just what part of the pig is the knuckle?...
It looks like a beautiful place!

Genevieve said...

We lived in Berlin for three years (1988-91). It was a wonderful experience. I would love to go back and visit. Berlin is the largest city I've ever lived in. I believe that the combined population of East and West Berlin at that time was about equal to the population of the entire state of Kentucky.