Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 2009 Bunco

Tonight was our regularly scheduled bunco night and Angela was our hostess this time. She held it at Creative Silks, a local florist who happens to play with our club each month and is oh, so gracious to "share her space" with many of our group. Angela had a great meal prepared. Tiny hot dogs packed inside some delicious bread. I was VERY good and only had one. Chips and dip, a beautiful fruit salad and lemon something rounded out a perfect little meal to have before we got down to business. This business of DICE!
Of course, here's Frank, the only guy who plays with us and thought he had to WIN the grand prize. He really gets off on that somehow!

My two best friends Gwen and Gail chatting it up before we got started. They both always look so sharp and are both always so sweet. I am so blessed to have these gals in my life!

Here he is! Savoring his win. He won a gorgeous cake plate and if you turn it upside down, it becomes a really cool chip and dip dish. What did he say when he opened it? "Now somebody bake me a cake!" What a guy!

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Lesa said...

Frank is a one of kind guy! You can't help but love him! Looks like you had a great time!