Thursday, June 25, 2009


Unless you live on another planet, you have by now heard the news that the "Charlie's Angels" girl with the iconic hairstyle has died today.
I have nothing to say that can add to or take away from all the other things you have read or heard today but I do have some thoughts to share.
Like so many of you, I was a young mother and a faithful viewer of "Charlie's Angels" and didn't even realize until today that Farrah was only there for one season. She was, absolutely, gorgeous. Everyone who could wanted their hair to look like hers. She did go on to star in a few other projects, most notably, a made-for-TV movie "The Burning Bed" that I saw many times. It was actually a good work and changed my thinking about her acting skills. Before I saw that movie, I assumed she was just another pretty face along with a perfect body to match.
Tonight I watched about 30 minutes of the Barbara Walters special about Farrah and her life. I stand amazed and enlightened about her courageous fight against this rare cancer she had. Anal cancer. I don't know anyone else who has fought this particular cancer. But cancer is cancer. It can definitely be a death sentence and I have lost members of my family to it and many friends.
I was surprised that she made the choice to videotape so much of her personal struggle but upon reflection, maybe not. Maybe showing her determination and her fight will help someone else to fight harder. To fight the fear.
Her Doctor says that she died pain-free, surrounded by people she loved in an atmosphere of peace and love and that her "transition" was easy. Yes, that is what we all hope for.
Rest in peace, Farrah.


Lesa said...

Great job Polly - well said!
My mind has been on her all day.
Yes - I longed for Farrah hair too!

Chuck Dilmore said...

lovely. (sniff)
thanks, Polly!