Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon & Kate

I watch television very rarely and must confess that I have never seen "Jon & Kate Make Eight". But I don't think you have to actually WATCH the program to keep up with what's going on there, which is precisely why I don't watch it. How sad that yet another marriage has failed and now six children will have a broken family. Of course, what kind of life did they have anyway? From what I understand, this family was using the proceeds from the show to support their family. And now I read that the show has been cancelled. What a mess!

I also read today that Ed McMahon has died at the age of 86. I spent many nights after the children were tucked in and prayers were said watching good ole' Johnny Carson in my bed, but never without his faithful sidekick Ed. Ed, as many of you know, was his support and in many opinions, helped to make Johnny what he was. I know he had many problems in later years, maybe most of his own doing, but he was still and to the end, an entertaining guy. So long, Ed.

On to more current events, why can't they find the "black boxes" from the jet that went down a couple of weeks ago? I know it won't change the tragic outcome of that fateful flight, but perhaps some information could have been retrieved that could prevent it from happening again.

Guess I am thinking deep thoughts tonight and feel a need to share them.

Friends brought their grandchildren over again tonight to swim and that was entertaining. I finished cleaning out the storage facility after work where Mom had been storing things. They are now in my garage and the car will be outside for a while until I get things organized again.

My daughter and I are deep into the planning for our week at the beach. We'll check in on Independence Day and are co-ordinating menus and grocery lists. And yes, the new Ice Age movie is on the "to-do" list, along with a visit to Bellingrath Gardens and Mary's for the seafood buffet. I bought FIVE kites at Wally World the other day so we are well-stocked on that front. I wish my son and his family could/would go. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't and this year they have decided not to come.
It is after ten, the cat is out, the television is making noise in another room for this quiet house. I am overwhelmed with my personal "honey-do" list (as I am my own honey). It will get done, or not.
Ed McMahon is dead, Jon and Kate are divorcing, life marches on.........

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